Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bi-Monthly Rants: June 5-6, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! I really, really am sorry for missing the scheduled 8:00 release last night. I did not pay attention to the clock and found myself waking up this morning realizing it. I do have a valid reason for missing it and this would be a good opportunity to use that as the focus of today's rants.

[Cyber Tactics®

So yeah last night, I had an idea for some new card designs. This happened during my taping of Prototype Presentations. Now as you know, there currently three type of cards Sprite Programs, Support Files, and System Tools. Where in early prototypes, there were actually five different card types, and one of those I had been tinkering a lot. Either I'd put or take out with each incarnation of the prototype. It's called the Server Board, and originally it did what System Tools does today. But I consolidated them because of redundancy and made it more streamlined.
Now there was another interesting thing I'm trying to tinker with in the game and that is no monetary cards. See in games like Magic: The Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings, they use a monetary system to allow players to place cards from their hands to table. The problem I had was that it was too much of crutch and lacked flexibility. So I never bothered making them. However, some kind of system had to be in place to play cards in order to keep the game balanced. So, I came up with the idea of letting cards pay for each other and not rely on monetary cards.
But, time went on and while this approach does work, I feel like not having monetary cards is the opposite of forcing monetary cards. This was a combination of years of researching game creation from places like Penny Arcade, and extensive playtesting. I came to realize during that recording that I would be cheating players out of something very unique from other cards. Total freedom of creative strategy.
What this means is that by putting in the Server Boards to serve as monetary cards AND keeping the every pays for each other rules, players will be able to freely come up with strategies without the mandatory barrier of having monetary cards in a deck. In other they don;t have play monetary cards if they don't want to. Players can form a deck without Server Boards, or with little Server Boards, or they can rely heavily on it like Magic: the Gathering. Either way, players will have freedom in this game.
Of course there is another bonus to this. I was able to move one of my game mechanics over to Server Boards, because it's nature makes sense. Originally I created three of these cards but because of this change I ended making 4 new additional cards around this game mechanic and it was not easy. It took me all of last night to conjure up these new cards and then strike a balance to keep them from being broken. I also ended up making other new cards for Server Boards expanding on the monetary theme.]

So that is what happened last night and I apologize again for being very late. I am thinking about making a different type of video on YouTube. These videos would be more in depth on all my games and a little more personal then the robotic, sterile sounding Prototype Presentations. I don't know when to begin or how to go about it, but I definately do want to make these videos.

So that's all  have for the rants today. Thank you all for joining me.

Until Next Time...

See ya.

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