Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Rants: September 25, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of Wednesday Ranting and it's a beefy one this week. I got some 'Thoughts on Writing' this week and some official announcements. So let us begin.

[Thoughts on Writing: The Strength of a Writer]

What is the strength of a writer? I had thought about this rather quickly, and honestly, I do not know where I will be at in the future regarding this question. For now, though, these are my current answers to this question.

Confidence. When I write, I have to sound like what I say on paper is strong. That the point I am making or the situation the characters go through does not sound weak. What I convey is done with a smile that I know what I am talking about. That if any of you can feel that confidence in how I present my story, then my strength can be seen clearly. Not just in how writing looks but in my voice amongst the narrative. I have to be sure of myself when writing the things I write and not be too scared to express it. There are a lot of thins I have written between Fictionaut and Kindle that if I did not feel confident of what I want to get across, I could end up discrediting myself as a writer or lose my readers altogether.

Competence. I feel it is very important then when I introduce things in a story, I know what I am talking about. Research into things like motorcycle engines that I used in Artemis Neo, and kinetic and potential energy which I used in Arcana Magi, are really helpful in writing. I may not have a science major when talking about technology but a little research allows readers to know that I at least took the time to understand things. Yeah with Science Fiction and Fantasy I am given a leeway to bend the rules to make things look cool, like sound in space, but that is not a license to dismiss the logic of the world. Rulemaking is also important. To stay consistent as thoroughly as possible is very important. Breaking the rules of the world you wrote will make you look incompetent as storyteller.

Comprehension. Look, I admit that I am not A+ on my grammar, but the least I can do is make my writings comprehensible. The simplest of writing, the Basics as I see it, is "The cat ran home." Even if I wrote that in my story, it's comprehensible. Could it be better than that as a sentence? Yes, and it should be, but I should not try to be so flowery with my writings that it reaches the point of incomprehension. When people read my writing, they expect me, as an author to have modicum of intelligence. If writing a sentence like "The cat ran home" allows me to come off as being comprehensible to my readers at the expense of poetry, that sentence will trump poetry all the time. That does not mean I should always write like that, but i should allow my readers to at least keep up with what I saying in text and not lose them in the narrative.

Overall, writing is not easy. It is difficult and it is challenging. The rewards are very high when one thinks about that fact that they actually created something they call their own invention. But what happens afterwards is as good as anybody's guess. As long as my writing feels Confident, looks Competent, and is Comprehensible to read, I believe my works will look strong, and I can become a strong writer, like I should be.

[New York Comic Con 2013]

I will be wandering the halls of the Jacob Javits Center. I acquired a Pro Badge this year thanks to 'The Impossible Man on Kindle', so I will be attending for 4 days instead of 3. Feel free to say hi, I am not afraid to shake hands and take a picture. Unfotunately I could build on my novels release because I was too late to Book anything up with the Convention like Panels or Autograph sessions. But I am looking forward to being there once again.

[No Wednesday Rants in October]

Due to New York Comic Con there will be no Wednesday Rants throughout the month. Wednesday Rants will return in November.


Because October is an off month, the first Monday of October is on the 7th. That will be when 'NEWS and NOTES' will be posted and the Facebook Events schedule will be updated.

[The Impossible Man on Kindle Update]

I will be updating 'The Impossible Man on Kindle' to do some extensive cleanup. I apologize for any inconvenience in my writing. I will post up when the update is available so you all can update your copies.

Thank you all for listening to my rants this week. next month is indeed a big month and I look forward to seeing you all on October 7th with the 'NEWS and NOTES' October Edition.

Until Next Time...

See ya.

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