Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Rants: May 2014 #1

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to the 1 hour delayed edition of Wednesday Rants. I thank you for you patience. Now let us begin.

So having Windows Movie Maker has left me ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. So I will give you the rundown of what I would like to do with this program on my Studio Coqui You Tube Channel

[You Tube: Audio Readings]

So far everything is going slowly due to real life, but everything is going according to plan. 'The First Run' is a Short Story after all and there is no verbal dialogue from characters. So this should not be difficult for my first try. I just hope that my voice will be good and strong once I begin reading. I am still concerned about doing character voice with my other works, particularly female voices. I don't want to come off as insulting when doing such voices. I'll figure it out sure enough. Now another I am looking into and will most likely do is Youtube Advertising. I'm not exactly rich and I need to pay bills and take care of myself, also supplies for my works. I still do not understand fully how advertising on Youtube works, but once I figure it out, that is the course I will take.

Now for the Audio Readings, there is not gonna be much in the way of presentation, like animation of still image slideshow. It's just gonna be the title and my voice. Which might be a good thing because you can listen while doing other things at the same time, like many audio books. Another thing that may come out of this is Editing. I have a feeling I am going to find some grammar off course while I do takes, which means I will be updating the stories as I progress. If this does happen, then I will update the Kindle releases to reflect what was read on 'Audio Readings', so if you own a copy be ready to update it when I give the notice.

[You Tube: Thoughts on Writing]

So with Windows Movie Maker comes ideas, and this idea is something I may do. I will do a reading of 'Thoughts on Writing' as posted here on Blogspot. All episodes will be directly from these posts word for word. No decision yet on original episodes. Just like Audio Readings there will be ads involved, but I see no reason to hold back all my 'Thoughts on Writing' posts at all.

[You Tube: Game Development Corner or R&D Table]

Haven't figured out a name yet, but yes this is still on and Cyber Tactics® is still on tap. I have decided that I will just what I want for Cyber Tactics® and not dwell on the final product. After all the point of this show is to share some of what I did and give a progress on the games developments. This will also have ads, and not everything I made will appear in these episodes because of trade secrets. Nevertheless, I will mix the still slideshow with videos from my R&D Table as seen in 'Prototype Presentations'.

[Fictionaut: Beyond Logic]

I want to write up a new 'Beyond Logic' this Summer on Fictionaut, then compile that with the last 'Beyond Logic' for Kindle. Stay tuned for details on this next Short Story, it will hinge on scheduling and real life.

So that is all I have on my mind this month. Get ready next Friday for another round of Free 'Shell' Fridays and in two weeks 'Audio Readings: The First Run' on Youtube. Thanks for joining me.

Until next time...

See ya

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