Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quick NOTES: June 2014 #2

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to an emergency Quick NOTES. You may have noticed certain things have changed or altered and that is because there have been decisions made, so please understand.

[Seeking a Publishing House]

       Last night I made the decision to forgo writing a fourth Beyond Logic and decided instead to compile together some of my works that I have not released and 3 works that I have placed in Fictionaut to be companion segments with a book called 'The Compilation of Thought and Prose: A Trainees Look at Writing'. Basically I am going to look to publish all of 'Thoughts on Writing' and include from Fictionaut; 'Beyond Logic: The Spectral Line', 'Day of Fate and Destiny', 'Arcana Magi Rush' and yes 'Shell' because why not? ;) I am also including 4 unreleased stories stories. They are a Comedy and fantasy microshort, a De x Maquina Chronicle and a new poem. And finally a brief look at my discipline. It's not very bog or detailed but just straight forward and definitions.
         So basically my intent is take these 'Thoughts on Writing' and have them published in book format by an actually Publishing House and include these stories to compliment what I am trying to convey. My intent is not to teach as I had said in my first 'Thoughts on Writing' but share what I have learned and what I put to practice. Hopefully, this book will help invoke conversation which will a great accomplishment.
        What does this mean for the stories and 'Thoughts on Writing'? Well I don't know yet. I am not sure if I would have to purge them out of the Internet and Fictionaut in order to get them book published. In the meantime, I have set the Fictionaut stories to Private and removed the direct links to 'Thoughts on Writing' here. I apologize to all of you for this inconvenience, but I feel it is time to get a publishing house, and considering all that I have written here on Blogspot, I think 'Thoughts on Writing' material should be good enough for the houses. My only alternative is Kindle, but I need to evolve and take the next step with my writing and hopefully future career.
       I thank you all for your patience and understanding, and look forward to write more stories for you in the future no matter the format.

Until Next time...

See ya.

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