Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday Rants: June 2014 #1

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of random ranting. There a few important that have happened this past weekend that I need to address so lets get started.

[Kindle Book Covers]

So if any of you have been on Kindle, you may have noticed that I have made Book Covers for all my works that I have released. It is not spectacular, but I wanted a little something different than Amazon's own generic covers. Again, I am not much of an artist but at least my stories have a little sense of identity when picking up a copy. So if you have a copy and it's not updated, then go right on ahead and update the new cover.


     Now to segway from Amazon to Fictionaut, you may have noticed that 'Shell', 'Artemis Neo' and 'Beyond Logic: The Spectral Line' have been set to private. This was because when I updated the book cover on Kindle, I had to re-submit the books to complete the update. So since Amazon has to go through the internet before publishing the books, they apparently found 'Beyond Logic: The Spectral Line' in Fictionaut and assumed that that was part of 'Beyond Logic Vol. 1'. So I had to go into Fictionaut and set that to Private. Once I did that, the re-submission of 'Beyond Logic Vol.1' was complete. To be safe I did the same for 'Shell' and 'Artemis Neo'.
     Unfortunately, this will have to be on a permanent basis. See Amazon makes clear in their policy taht whatever we authors release on Kindle, Amazon has first dibs. This means we cannot have our works free on the internet, which include Fictionaut. To violate this would be to lose our account, in this case mine. Having published on Kindle yielded some benefits for me, like last year I was able to attend New York Comic Con as a Professional because I released 'The Impossible Man' on Kindle. I would like to keep that up. So I am afraid that any work in Fictionaut that gets released on Kindle will be locked to Private.

[Beyond Logic]

Which brings us to this situation. I wanted to release a new Beyond Logic on Fictionaut and then bring it out alongside The Spectral Line on Kindle. Because of Amazon's policies this will not be possible. However, I will release the new Beyond Logic Short, but it will be directly to Amazon Kindle. So do expet beyonf Logic Volume 2 later this year.

[Ads on Youtube]

To shift focus, I have free time on my hands now from real world stuff, so I will be reading up on Youtube Ad policy, and then sign up. When it will happened I am not sure, but know that I am not going to use the ads videos, if that is an option, and instead use the banners that pop up during the video, so you can just click out of it while the video is running.

[New Project]

I am working on a new board game right now. I am hoping that I can acquire a table for the upcoming IGDA New Jersey Game Demo Night on July 1. If I do get a table the new board game I am working on will be demonstrated. But tables are limited, and they want to shift their focus more towards video games, so hopefully, I'll get lucky and have a table.

Okay, so that is all that I have on mind this month. Monday July 7 will be the next 'NEWS and NOTES'. Next Friday is Free 'Shell' Friday if you have not picked up your copy yet. Thank you all for listening to my rants, it was fun sharing my thoughts.

Until next time...

See ya

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