Friday, January 23, 2015

Quick NOTES: Jan. #3

Greeting Fellow Readers! The moment you all have been waiting.

-Now on Fictionaut: 'Arcana Magi Zero c.4'

Alysia and Megumi have an unlikely meeting, meanwhile Marissa protects Madam Mayweather and understand something about her daughters.

Click on the sidebar link to check it out.

-Now on Amazon Kindle: Free 'Shell' Friday

Grab yourself a free copy of 'Shell' part of the 'Geolyth Lore' Series today!

-Tomorrow at 12:00 PM EST at Whole Foods Tribeca NYC Greenwhich Street: 4P-Playtest

This is last of the 4P-Playtest series. Come on down and try out all of the tabletop currently in development by local game inventors as well as Splatterbomb™.

That is all for the Quick NOTES.

Until Next time...

See ya.

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