Monday, May 3, 2010

NEWS and NOTES: May 3, 2010

Greetings fellow readers.

How have you been enjoying my stories so far? I hope it has been both exciting and fun between the drama of Arcana Magi and comedy of The Impossible Man.

Arcana Magi Chapter 15 is now up and running on Fictionaut. Click on the sidebar link to catch the exciting chapter.

This is the last chapter of the Gathering Arc. It went a little longer than what I wanted but it is done nevertheless. I will be taking a short hiatus so I can take a look at the story thus far and prepare for the next Arc. I'm looking at maybe May 24th to post Chapter 16. This hiatus will also give all of you time to read the story without feeling overwhelmed by the additional chapters.

The Impossible Man Episode 3 - Silent Partner will be up this Thursday as planned. A little more backstory and strange stuff will be happening.

Arcana Magi Behind the Scenes - Creating the Sentinels, will be posted next week. I'll official give a little walkthrough about our exciting Heroines and hopefully not spoil the whole story. ;)

So until next time.

See ya.

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