Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday Rants: August 2014

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of Wednesday Rants. I do have some things to talk about, so let's get on with the ranting.

[Special Project]

Right now, I have invested in a special project. I cannot get to full into details because this project is currently under development. I should expect to announce on the next rants when it is completed. Believe me, you will love what I engaged in. Just hum a melody as you wait for the next set of news.

[New York Comic Con]

I am sad to announce that I did not get picked up this year for an 1 Hour Autograph Booth. So I will not be getting a chance to sign autographs. My ticket to NYCC is secured. I will be attending all 4 days, Thurs - Sun, roaming halls as always. I will be looking to network and exchange business cards.

[Literary Agent]

I am currently looking for a Lit. Agent to represent my written works. The first one I am pitching is 'The Compilation of Prose and Thought: a Trainee's Perspective on Writing'. For those of you joining me and do not know. Last year I wrote segments here in this Blog called 'Thoughts on Writing', and I decided to make easier for people to read these thoughts of mine, I compiled them together and inserted some of my Sort Stories and other fictional writing as a showcase of my work and writing ability. So I am pitching this to Agents in the hopes of getting a House Publisher to put on bookshelves, while I continue to work on Dreamwalker Kumiko, my fantasy novel.

[Works on Fictionaut and Blog Links]

You might have noticed recently that I set some stories to private in Fictionaut and removed some links. This is in relation to the 'The Compilation of Prose and Thought: a Trainee's Perspective on Writing'. A couple of shorts were selected to be included in this book. So I had to ensure that there would be no publishing problem, however, the decision to remove the selected stories from Fictionaut is still on the table. This will most likely be an 11th hour decision and will not be warned in advance.

[Arcana Magi 5th Season]

So the 5th Year of 'Arcana Magi' is around the corner. I kicked it off early with 'Tales of Arcana Magi' currently available on Amazon Kindle. The list of stories that are going to be released on Fictionaut so far is as follows;

-Arcana Magi Memorial Vol. 5
-Arcana Magi Pure Vol. 5

There will be 3 more stories 1 for the Byakko Universe and a return to the Suzaku Universe. The final titles will be announced next month.

Finally the official start of Season 5 will be Thursday October 30, the first day 'Arcana Magi Zero' was posted on Fictionaut, I look forward to seeing you all then.

[Board Game Playtesting]

Keep your eyes out on Twitter for any upcoming announcements of future Playtests like IGDA New Jersey Game Demo Night or NYC Playtest. I have made some more board games and revisited others that I had been working on. Now I am taking them out to the field for thorough to improve and fine tune the games and rules. I do look forward to seing you all at these events.

So that is all I have on my mind. Thank you all for listening to my rants. Be sure to get your free copy of 'Shell' next Friday on Amazon Kindle.

Until Next Time...

See ya. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

NEWS and NOTES: August 2014

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to the August Edition of 'NEWS and NOTES'. I hope you all enjoyed my Audio Reading of 'Feral', there will be more in the future but for now, I have some plans to share.


-Friday August 15, 2014 on Kindle - Free 'Shell' Friday

Grab yourself a free copy of 'Shell' on Kindle.

-Wednesday August 20, 2014 at 9:00 PM EST on Blogspot - Wednesday Rants

Join H-M Brown as he discusses upcoming projects and plans at a new time slot.

-Friday August 29, 2014 on Kindle - Free 'Shell' Friday

Grab yourself a free copy of 'Shell' on Kindle.


August and September I will not be doing any monthly releases. I will be focusing these next two months working on 'Arcana Magi' 5th Season. That's right. 5 Years of 'Arcana Magi' and I want to make sure that the stories this year are little better than last years. And a lot more exciting. I want to make sure this year works out good for all of you. I look forward to sharing this momentous occasion with you all.

So that is all for NEWS and NOTES for the month of August.

Until Next Time...

See ya.