Monday, November 15, 2010

NEWS and NOTES: November 15, 2010 (UPDATED)

See UPDATE Below.

Greeting fellow readers.

Welcome to another round of NEWS and NOTES.


- Fictionaut is experiencing some technical glitches on their website. All of the Groups Sections have their story links removed. Which means that Arcana Magi Universe Group Section and The Impossible Man Series Group Section have the links to the chapters missing. So if you're accessing the chapters through the Group Sections you won;t find the links there. However the individual chapters links, like the ones on the sidebar here and in my personal page in Fictionaut are working so can get to the chapters you're looking for. Sorry for any inconvienence.

- Now for some Arcana Magi news: Arcana Magi Memorial 1st draft is underway. It is already shaping up to be an exciting 5 Chapter Novellete. Each chapter is going to be 2500 words minimum. This is a great challenge for me since I have to give the story a beginning, middle and an end. Here is a quick preview of Arcana Magi Memorial:

The students and faculty of Memorial Academy are drained of their Mana. It's up to Azure Martinez and Sora Miyazaki to stop the ones responsible for this.

- There is no word yet on the status of Arcana Magi Rush and Feral for publication. I got my eyes and ears open.

No NOTES Today.

UPDATE: The webmeisters at Fictionaut found the link problem and fixed it. All of the chapters in teh Arcana Magi Group Section and The Impossible Man Group Section are back and in working order. Thank you for your time and patience and I apologize for any inconvenience.

That's all for the NEWS and NOTES.

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