Monday, January 30, 2012

NEWS and NOTES: January 30, 2012

Greetings Fellow Readers.

Welcome to another edition of 'NEWS and NOTES'. It is time now to start Kindle Season. Are you all looking forward to grabbing your eBooks and downloading my newest stories? I look forward to entertain you all.


- Coming Friday February 24, 2012*** on Kindle: "Chain + Fate" 5 Chapter Novelette

- Coming this Spring on Kindle: "Duality of Science - A Short Story Double Feature"

- Coming this Spring on Fictionaut: A "Beyond Logic" Short Story

- Coming this Summer on Kindle: "Duality of Fantasy - A Short Story Double Feature"

- Coming this Summer on Kindle: "Rise of Svjaijovs" Novella

- Coming this Fall on Fictionaut: "Arcana Magi Universe" 2012 Season.

**All DATES are subject to changes if a schedule conflict arises.

*** All Kindle Dates are subjected to a 24 hour waiting period before Kindle Direct Publishing releases it in


- "Arcana Magi Behind the Scenes" Updates will be happening in the next 24 hours which is still January so I have not missed my "This Month" Deadline. Yes it's a cop. *Runs away* They will be titled as Version 2.0 in Fictionaut!

That's all for NEWS and NOTES today.

Until next time,
See ya.

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