Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekly Rants: February 20, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of random ranting. Today I will be talking about the Four Universes that make up ‘Arcana Magi’. This will be a 2 part series because I want to first start with the backstory as to how I came creating Four Universes and discuss about the Four Gods who play an integral role in the entire ‘Arcana Magi’ Universe. Hopefully, this introduction will give you deeper insight in Arcana Magi and an idea of what to expect to hear about the Four Universes next week. So let us begin. This will also be an official Arcana Magi Behind the Scenes. This will most likely be added to Arcana Magi Universe Group Section in Fictionaut at a later date.

[Arcana Magi Behind the Scenes – The Four Universes Part 1: The Four Gods

The split actually started after I had decided to write a web serial novel of Arcana Magi. At first I was going to follow up Arcana Magi Zero with the main series, but I didn’t like the direction I was going. It was too dark for what I had already established, plus I wanted to expand on the fantasy elements. So I separated both stories as alternate worlds resulting in two Alysias and two Madam Mayweathers. This was from here that I wanted to make more stories in alternate timelines, but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with hundreds so this is where I decided on four universe, based on the Japanese Mythological creatures, The Four Gods.
About the Four Gods, they’re actually part of Chinese ancient astrology. It was imported over to Japan incorporated into their myths and beliefs.The Four Gods reside in four cardinal directions of East, West, North and South. Now, while in China their is a fifth god, the Yellow Dragon, Huánglóng, in Japan this god is no fifth god, instead replaced with void, which is nothingness, and has no divine god representing it. Each of the Four Gods in Japan, represent one element and one season, and have a very distinct look from each other.
Seiryu - The Blue Dragon represented by Wood and Spring, and resides in the East. Here I usually use Wind in conjunction with the Wood element. This is because of the multi-cultural aspect of Arcana Magi. Also Wood is associated with nature and like the wind, nature is always moving, never stopping.
Suzaku - The Red Bird represented by Fire and Summer, and resides in the South. Fire in Arcana Magi is usually associated with freedom. Birds in some cultures are metaphors for freedom and like fire, freedom is something that is difficult to stop. It can also represent rebirth, Suzaku's western equivalent is the Phoenix.
Byakko - The White Tiger represented by Autumn and Metal, and resides in the West. Like Seiryu, I usually use Earth in conjunction with Metal. It make a lot of sense in that Metal does come from the earth itself. Technology would be more associated with Metal since machinery comes from tempered steel. Here I put emphasis on intellect and knowledge.
Genbu - The Black Turtle represented by Winter and Water, and resides in the North. Fluidity is the key. Water can become anything, as Bruce Lee once said hence a variety of character traits. I try to apply wisdom with this element as opposed to knowledge. Ice plays a secondary part as well.
These four characters, can either be a significant role, or serve as metaphors for the characters of Arcana Magi. Each of the Four Universes gives different perspectives on how they relate and interact with characters. The only drawback is that with four universes, the Four Gods are kind of locked personality wise within their respective universes.]

Next week in Part 2, I will explain how the Four Universes work and what each of the Four Gods have to do with them and what they mean. I look forward to share this wonderful expansive world that I created, and I hope it brings all of you closer to my world and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Thank you for listening to my rants.
Until next time...
See ya. 

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