Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Rants: July 24, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Rants. It's Kindle publishing week are you all excited? I am very anxious. Since I am still working on 'The Impossible Man' Kindle Edition, this will be a brief rant, so I'll keep it short as status updates.

[The Impossible Man on Kindle

Everything is coming along fine. One of the scenes that I re-inserted was very tricky because the entire chapter was completely altered when I wrote for Fictionaut, but with a little surgery, I was able to re-insert it without damaging the story. A Little proofreading and it will be fine. Any other re-insertions may be last minute, but I gotta be careful not to ruin the overall story with them.

I successfully redid the opening, now it looks more inviting. Also the ending was very easy to fix. It took a simple omission of lines and now the character in question doesn't feel derailed.

I'm now adding *** for scene breakage for easy reading.

Doing little tweaks here and there for consistency.

The cover is a little harder than I expected. It may not come out pretty, but at least this novel will have a cover unlike the others.

Keep in mind that it will take 24 hours before Amazon publishes it onto Kindle and at least 48 hours for the cover, so I won't announce at any fixed time, just keep an out on Twitter or Facebook for the link.]

[Free 'Shell' Friday

Also a reminder that Free 'Shell' Friday is also this week during the release of 'The Impossible Man' on Kindle. So make sure to grab a free copy alongside 'The Impossible Man'.]

[New YouTube Show

I am thinking about starting a new show series chronicling my board/card games next month. I have not decided and will not post them up on Facebook Event Planner. The decision will most likely be last minute. So I'll keep you posted.]

That is all I have on my mind today. Thank you all for listening to my rants. See you all Friday.

Until Next Time...

See Ya.

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