Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Rants: April 2014 #1

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of Wednesday Ranting. This has been quite a slow Spring Month, but as Spring always brings about, is new beginnings... on YouTube


I finally got myself a Vid Editor. It's called Movie Maker and I am quite surprised at how simple it is to make a slideshow video. This is actually wonderful because not only can I make the videos on YouTube I want, but I don't have to stress over it. Like I don't need to be super professional. Of course, I still have to learn how to fully utilize it and that is where the Prototype Presentation will come in. Next week's presentation of Artemis Neo Advance will be done with Movie Maker as a learning curve to make a slideshow video. It will feature opening credits, maybe a public domain song, and slideshow of the game to illustrate how it works. So I will not be using my webcam, considering the quality of the work of previous presentations. So once I get this down pat, then I will proceed with a "Developer Showcase" of Cyber Tactics®. 

[Cyber Tactics® on Youtube]

This is going to take a while longer than had anticipated. This is because I had new ideas of the game as well as restoring old ideas. Basically, as a prototype, I need to showcase everything this game has. At first I was going to make separate sets but I found it to be not feasible, and unwise. So what was going to be a 210 card set is 410 card set and that means either bringing in old cards from previous drafts or make new cards. So that is the situation with Cyber Tactics on YouTube. I'm apologize for this long delay, but I feel confident about sharing all of the game design with you publicly and I want to make sure I have all of that design I want to show readily available.

[Audio Readings on Youtube]

This is still going to happen, especially with the help of Movie Maker. There are a lot of things I am debating about regarding this. See I can do the slide show of course of my stories for illustrative purposes, or, I could take the lazy way and just show the title of the story in the slideshow. There are a lot of pros and cons in that regard. It's a matter of whether I want to make a presentation out of it. Another problem I am having is my voice, since I have to be the one to narrate. Should I make various voices of characters, including female voices. Should I try bringing in people to provide extra voices. Or should I just go through with my regular voice. It kind of got me thinking through a lot of stuff. The final part is what stories should I tell. Like should bringing in 'Arcana Magi', do I read Kindle Stories and forgo There are a lot of things I can do with this and I don't where to begin. Of course I could start small with 'Days of Fate and Destiny' and see how that goes.


So basically with Movie Maker, I now have a new field to travel for all of written works and inventions. It's like the skies the limit. Honestly, i do feel overwhelmed because there is so much I can do with program, and I have a lot of IPs I can make with this. Then there is real life breathing down my neck which can effect my scheduling to make things. Overall, I want to have fun doing this, and sharing this fun with all of you. I really look forward to entertaining you and give you in depth look at my inventions. I highly recommend those of you who want to do Youtube videos with an editor to get Movie Maker for the basic stuff, like slideshows. I feel that is the best program for such thing. Or else, if you're looking to make grand movie quality live action stuff, get something like Final Cut Pro.

Thank you all for listening to my rants. I will see you all next Friday on Youtube for my Prototype Presentation of 'Artemis Neo Advance. Also keep in mind that Free 'Shell' Friday is also next week, so head on over to Kindle and grab yourself a free copy.

Until next time...

See ya.

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