Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Rants: March 2015 Edition

Greetings Fellow Readers! Sorry for the lateness, welcome to the March Edition of Ranting. There are handful of stuff I need to talk about so let's begin.

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I'll come out and say it, 'Splatterbomb' got big. After successfully breaking the optimization the game was experiencing , it resulting in an increase of size. I have to deal with balancing issues and since NYC-Playtest group is the only group in the region I can go to with ease and available, I am expecting a lot of months to deal with this new stage of development. See at NYC-Playtest, I only get to playtest 'Splatterbomb™' once, which means I don't get to see all of the new game elements that I have added, then I have to wait until next month for another chance. My finances are still tight, so going to far away places is still unattainable. 

So I have to shift development at this time, because I want to get a game in the hands of publishers as soon as possible. Also, because 'Splatterbomb' got big, I am unsure if I can convince a publisher to pick up 'Splatterbomb' since I have publishing credibility to back me up. Being untested and unproven may make publisher hesitate to invest on a large scale game. This does not mean i dropping 'Splatterbomb', the development is continuing but it is not top priority. It's still going to make rounds at event and stuff, but it is not the end goal at this time.

But the following game will be...

[Swap Off]

'Swap Off' is small card game I built last week. It is the smallest game I have built thus far and has the potential to entice Publishers to invest in it if they are interested. I have to get the game through Playtesting which will be happening soon. 'Swap Off' is going to take top priority because it is so small. The rules themselves are only a single, that is how small the game is. I already did the artwork for the characters and I am hoping that I won't spend so many months playtesting it and that I won't have to face any type of balancing issues. I pray that I can submit this by June-July the latest. I'm looking at 60% of my time spent on this game. Because this is so small, I am looking at other Publishing places such, though given my status as a developer, I will probably be more focused on finding a professional Publishing Company so I can start up a portfolio.

[Comic Books]

This week I have been dealing with my comic books, I wanted to more on 'Arcana Magi Rush' so I can submit to a publisher, but I expanded on another comic book which originally was supposed to be just an 8 Page short, it turned into a full One-Shot issue, twice. I was able to break them down into short, but the way I wrote it gave me flexibility to submit as a full comic instead of a short. I am going to stay on top of this and get 'Arcana Magi Rush' done so I can submit.

[Arcana Magi]

Speaking of which, 'Arcana Magi Memorial Vol. 5 c.4' is going to be next Friday as Scheduled. Though looking at the last chapter, I felt I didn't put enough meat into the writing. It's all dialogue. I don't if its good or not, but I personally felt I should have done better. So with the set up in c.3 that I establish, I hope I can put in the meat of narrative to build up a nice tense situation.

I think that is all I got for now. Thank you for hearing me Ranting. Again I apologize for being late. I'll see you on Fictionaut next week.

Until Next Time...

See ya.

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