Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday Rants: May 2015 Edition

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another to Wednesday Rants. Summer is around the corner and there are a lot of things on my mind.

[Arcana Magi Universe 5th Anniversary]

Well last Friday was the start of Volume 5 of the 'Pure' series. I was little worried given the last couple of Volumes. There are a lot of characters of course, but I feel confident that I got everything reigned in and I should be able to deliver a good Volume 5 this season. I do have to more stories planned. They're shorts, so I believe that the season will end in July. We'll see what happens, but in hindsight, I should have done the Shorts first then 'Pure' last.


Now that I got life changes setteled down, I should be able to attend next months NYC-Playtest group and bring in 'Splatterbomb™'. During this time period, I made the game boards look more like an actual arcade screen, more or less. Just look at arcade games like 'Dig Dug' and 'Pac-Man' and that is kind of the game boards would look like. I intend to make it emulate the arcade experience, hopefully in both look and gameplay.

I am looking into iTunes to see if I can get 'Peanut Butter Jelly (Splatterbomb™ Theme)' there. Real life held me back from posting it on there, but now I think I can finally release it there, and none too soon.

Also I am exploring the possibility of signing onto '' to expand on merchandising 'Splatterbomb™'. I have drawn the official mascot and will use it as a t-shirt print. I'll probably also use 'Splatterbomb™' drawing title as well. But keep in mind this is just exploration research, there is no set timetable or final plans to make official 'Splatterbomb™' T-Shirts.

[New York Comic Con]

Tickets are on sale. I'm going to try again to see if I can get autograph. As always it is not guaranteed since again there are big stars there an they get top priority, but it doesn't hurt to try out.


There will be a Kindle publishing this Summer. Probably sooner. I have not decided yet if I want to release 'Arcana Magi' again. Maybe compile all the short stories together, including 'Zero' trilogy even though I release it last year, or just do another 3 Short Set. Stay tuned for decisions.

[Swap Off]

When I decided to develop 'Swap Off', it was due to 'Splatterbomb™' needing time to ferment, because it was all over the place. The past few months I was able to finally get the game focused, including some artwork. While I'll need to do need playtest 'Splatterbomb™', I have decided set 'Swap Off' to the side so I can now push 'Splatterbomb™' forward. I thank all whom have playtested 'Swap Off' and appreciate all input.

[Peanut Butter Jelly (Splatterbomb™ Theme)]

Don't forge, you have until May 31 to head on over to FJB Comics and Games at 17 Coles Street Jersey City, NJ for 25% discount on 'Peanut Butter Jelly (Splatterbomb™ Theme)'. Check out FJB Comic and Games Facebook page for all the latest releases from your favorite comic books and video game companies.

That is all I have for now on my mind. There is a lot happening around me in real life, so I am in the middle of a regaining focus, both in mind and spirit. 'Arcana Magi Pure Vol. 5 c.2' is next Friday. Head over to Facebook for date and time. This Friday is Free 'Shell' Friday on Kindle.

Thank you all for listening to my rants.

Until Next Time...
See ya.

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