Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Rants: July 2015 Edition

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of Wednesday Rants. There are some cool announcements so let's get started.

[Gameacon 2015]

This year I acquired an official exhibitors table at Gameacon 2015 in Atlantic City's Tropicana. I plan to bring Splatterbomb™ there, unless circumstances occur. It's happening in November and I am very excited to get a chance to showcase the game to a larger audience. As we get closer to the convention, I'll announce what to expect at the booth, so stay tuned.

[New York Comic Con]

I will be roaming the halls of New York Comic Con once again in October. Unfortunately, I could not secure anything awesome like an autograph signing or a Panel, but if you happen to see me and want to chat up or take a picture, I'll be glad to offer it up.


Next week will be the next duo of Splatterbomb™ characters up for grabs. I will also be adding American Apparel brand so you can have yourselves a nice quality shirt if you want to. Remember all shirts are available in Men's, women's, and kids sizes.


Splatterbomb™ playtesting is still continuing this Saturday and there should be a playtest next Saturday August 1, which is on a Saturday. Stay tuned to Twitter for any announcements.

[Vacation Time!]

It's been an amazing 12 months but now its time for me to take a break and breathe. Next month in August, I will be on vacation. There will be no 'NEWS and NOTES', no 'Wednesday Rants', no 'Free Shell Fridays', or any new releases. If not this month then in August I may make 1 Twitter announcement regarding 'Peanut Butter Jelly (Splatterbomb™ Theme) and the next NYC-Playtest is in September, so keep an eye out on Twitter. I will return September 7th with 'NEWS and NOTES'.

I will post up links on Twitter to Spreadshirt, Kindle, and any other products or events before August so you can just click away and check things out.

I will be on Twitter mode during vacation just in case any sudden events occur, but other than that, I am going dark until September.

So on a final note, thank you all for joining me these past 12 months. It was an amazing ride from 'Arcana Magi 5th Anniversary' to 'The NYC Arcade' to 'Spreadshirt'. Please enjoy yourselves and have a safe Summer.

Until September...

See ya.

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