Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Rants: January 2016 Edition

Greetings Fellow Reader! Welcome to the first round of ranting for 2016. I'm going to discuss a little of what will be on tap for this year.


-Splatterbomb has reach a point where the end game is still being worked on. It's looking good so far, but it is going to take awhile longer than I expected. The card that are going to be part of the game is undergoing rewrites. Its coming off as a trading card game card rather than a board game card. So once I straighten that out, along with teh end game to decide a victor, it should be submission ready.

-Don't forget that Peanut Butter Jelly (Splatterbomb Theme) is still available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, Catapult, and Bandcamp. Be sure to grab yourself a copy today.

-Splatterbomb t-shirts are still available on, the next two characters this week will be the first human characters to be released. Also the lore that appears in the Spreadshirt descriptions will undergo an update later this year.

-The Splatterbomb Comic Book that I would like to write this year will just be an 8 Page short. I would like to have it ready by Free Comic Book Day in May, but its not feasible. Instead, I want to get it ready as free handouts at conventions and other events I may attend this year.

[Arcana Magi]

-So next week will be the conclusion of 'Arcana Magi Pure Vol.6'. I hop you all enjoyed this edition. I understand it may not be well written, but it was difficult navigating it between the conventions and real life issues. But I hoping that I can cover a few inconsistencies that I discovered looking back at the older Volumes. I am also hoping that I covered the Plot Hole regarding Rumiko in Chapter 4.

-Next up will be 'Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.6' in February. Since there isn't any convention season, I should be able to write better this go around. But real life right now is handing me a pie in the face and I have to keep that in focus. Get yourselves ready though, this is gonna be a big Volume.

-As for the 'Arcana Magi Rush' comic book, I have adapted the short story into a complete 3 issue series. However, I do have to re-write it thoroughly so it can be clean and legible for I when send it out for submission.

-I would like to make it my goal to go back to the older stories and give them a re-write to clean up the grammar and storytelling. I'm sure what I will do with that re-write, but stay tuned for any official announcements regarding this endeavor.

-Finally, that special game I announced was to be playtested this past weekend is an official 'Arcana Magi' deckbuilding card game. Deckbuilding card games are sort of like a Trading Card Game, like my game 'Cyber Tactics', but instead of building a deck from a collection of cards, the cards are already made available from the start and you pay in-game costs to add a card to your deck and build it up. Its a little hard to explain, but there are plenty of Youtube videos that cover this genre. I would recommend looking into Star Realms, Ascension and Dominion to get an idea of where I am going with 'Arcana Magi'. I do have an official title for the game, but I'll announce that at a later date. So with 6 years of of written material, I have enough to create an 'Arcana Magi' tabletop game.

So basically, overall, I am focusing on 'Splatterbomb'and 'Arcana Magi' for the entirety of 2016. I have a lot stories to write, games to develop, and merchandise to sell through at Spreadshirt, Amazon, iTunes, and Comic Books. I look forward to all of your support and patronage. Please enjoy all of my works for 2016.

This is gonna be a fun year.

Until next time...

See ya.

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