Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday Rants: February 2016 Edition

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of Wednesday Rants! It's brief but let's get started.


So the big news is that I got the end game to work. Basically, Player 1 was always the winner, but this time I got another player to win the game. So now I am building on that momentum to get different winners consistently. However, the play time increased from 45 Mins to 60 mins and I have to get that time shave off in order to keep players from getting bored. So at this point, I am nearing the homestretch and I should get this on submission block hopefully soon.

This weeks T-shirt releases will be humans again. Help try and diversify the characters from the game. I will be updating their little info boxes at a later date to help give the characters and the Splatterbomb™ series some story lore.

I'm still trying to find some avenues to get Peanut Butter Jelly (Splatterbomb™ Theme) some more exposure. It's been pretty overwhelming dealing with a lot of stuff around, especially real life stuff.

[Arcana Magi Universe]

I hope you guys enjoyed 'Arcana Magi Pure Vol.6'. This season of 'Arcana Magi' has been feeling inconsistent due to convention scheduling and real life issues, and I personally felt that I did the best I could under such circumstances to make it enjoyable and interesting. As I said in the last Rants, I do want to do some re-writing later this year on 'Arcana Magi' to clean up stuff and make it more stronger.

As for 'Arcana Magi Memorial', I think I can end the series this season with the tone I set in Vol.6. I really feel its time for me to wind down the Universe story wise. Going into a 7th Season is a very daunting feat and I would like to write other stories outside 'Arcana Magi' as well. 7 Seasons feel right.

The 'Arcana Magi' Deck Building Game is doing fine so far. Preliminary tests show that the game is feasible and new original elements and characters are being added into the game. I might be able to bring light to these new characters in the 7th Season, but it too early to tell right. I still have to make the game mechanics work proper before I can establish a story. But I can confirm that this is a 5th World Story and a major crossover, that I can say is absolute.

-So that's all I got on my mind this month. It's getting pretty hectic because real life changes are starting to swing hard in my direction. Hopefully, it will not result in any delays or slow down my ability to get stuff done.

Thank you all for listening.

Until next time...

See ya.

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