Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday Rants: April 2016 Edition

Greeting Fellow Readers! Welcome to an early edition of the Wednesday Rants, due to a schedule meeting tonight. The last leg of 'Arcana Magi' Season is underway and I do have to address what happened last month, so let us begin.

[Arcana Magi Memorial]

I really forgot to talk about this in the last rants and I didn't even realize this. What I was supposed to talk about last month was that I was not going to be able to end the series as planned. When I did the outline for the upcoming chapters, I realized the series was dragging on and that I could not end the story abruptly, leaving unresolved stuff in the story. Because I failed to talk about this in the last Rants, my decision came off haphazard and inexperienced. It also didn't help when decisions in the previous volumes came back to haunt me in the last volume. As I have said before a long time ago, Fictionaut is usually treated as my training ground to learn about writing and improve my skills. It seems I really do have a lot more to learn than ever.

I apologize to all of you who was anticipating the conclusion to this long series, especially after all these years. I will end the series next season, now that I got everything in place. So please join me next season to help end the series on a strong note.

[Arcana Magi Universe]

So, 'Arcana Magi Zero's' 2nd Arc is underway. I chose Arc instead Volume because I already used that for the short stories. Please bear in mind I did not have planned to make Arcana Magi this big when I first wrote the original Shorts Stories. I am looking to see if I can tie the universe up with the Deck Building Card Game that I am currently working. It should not be difficult, I already have an idea how to link it all together. Chapter 2 is next Friday at 10 PM EST on Fictionaut.

As for the game itself, I got good a Proof of Concept first look at the game last month. However, I am also creating another Deck Building Game and I took some of the concepts from Arcana Magi and applied it into this game. I am considering whether to implement Arcana Magi into this game's system or let Arcana Magi be its own game. But, considering that I have taken game mechanics from Arcana Magi and put into this current game, it might seem more logical to put Arcana Magi as an expansion to that game instead of being on its own. I'll see more as game development moves along.


Development is nearing its end. At this point I am assigning scores to cards and taking a preliminary look at some publishers. I have not decided yet who I will submit to. I am hoping to begin submissions in May. However, once I make the submission, I will be going dark regarding the game for legal and business reasons. So what am I going to do once that is taken care of?

Well I will working on some small proof of concepts videos, probably only 1, and post that up on my Studio Coqui Youtube channel. I am doing research on some things before I can start working on this little Splatterbomb Project. It may not be much, but I hope it generates some fun upon viewing.

The Splatterbomb T-Shirts are going to continue to be put on hold until I settle the board game down. I do need to update the description section and implement some lore for the characters and items.

I will probably look into doing some Splatterbomb stories for Kindle. That's on the list but not moving up on said list right now. That decision will come later this year.

[Other Thoughts]

There will be another playtest this Saturday at Whole Food Tribeca starting at Noon. Please join all of us local game developers as we continue to showcase and playtest all of game designs.

I May take Summer break this June for the entire month. Which means no 'NEWS and NOTES' or 'Wednesday Rants'. It all hinges what happens next month in May, which I will announce in next months Wednesday Rants.

That's all the thoughts I have for this month. I thank you all for listening to my Rants.

Until next time...
See ya.

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