Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Rants: May 2016 Edition

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of ranting. 'Arcana Magi' Season 6 is nearing its end, Splatterbomb™ has reached its next chapter, and a new tabletop game is ready to be talked about. So let's get ranting.

[Arcana Magi Universe] 

Okay, so I'm sure many of you have read the previous chapters and are screaming - "MORE NEW ENEMIES?!". Well this is part of a big plan that I had been working on when I decided to make multiple universes. I wasn't sure how long this was going to take or when I should bring it to light without ruining the other stories. However, my mistakes in 'Memorial Vol. 6', didn't force my hand per se, it more or less told me the time is now before everything falls apart. These new villains also tie into the Arcana Magi Deck Building Game that I am currently working on. Now if you feel skeptical about this being a big plan, you only have to look at the 'Arcana Magi' novel in the Suzaku Universe where I planted the seeds, but needed time to grow and cultivate. I don't want to say anything more, lest I risk ruining the stories, but the final 2 chapters will answer some stuff that has been going on and prep the Universe up for Season 7 this October.

As for the Deck Building Game...

[New Tabletop Game]

So, Arcana Magi the Deck Building Game is still in development, however, because I had little knowledge of the Deck Building Games when I started development, I found myself overwhelmed and overthinking. So, I took a step back and decided to start basic.


The Savage Strikers: The Deck Building Game.

This was a game I fell back on to understand how to develop a Deck Building Game. It is a tournament fighting game where you choose 1 of 9 fighters to take on your opponent and deplete the health to knock them out. some elements that I developed in 'Arcana Magi Deck Building Game', found its way into the 'Savage Strikers', however, new elements that was developed in the 'Savage Strikers' are going to find their way into 'Arcana Magi'. If that makes any sense at all. Pretty what I am learning in developing the 'Savage Strikers' are going to help in the development of 'Arcana Magi'. At first I thought about making 'Arcana Magi' an expansion to the 'Savage Strikers' ala crossover, but I decided to let it be it's own Deck Building Game. Proof of Concepts show that it is possible, but it will take longer compared to how fast I got 'Savage Strikers' done this year.

As for the Savage Strikers itself. The game is almost ready for submission process. I am just dealing with balancing issues in playtesting, but I will be formally announcing all playtest events that Savage Strikers will appear in.


'Splatterbomb' is in submission stages now. Playtesting is still ongoing to deal with card text balance, but that's about it. The game last 30-45 mins and has been working on all cylinders. Since I am in submission stages, all new T-Shirts will be put on hold until results are in. You can still purchase T-Shirts at and grab a copy of 'Peanut Butter Jelly (Spaltterbomb™ Theme)' at iTunes or Amazon.


So this June, I am taking a month long vacation, only focusing on 'Splatterbomb', 'The Savage Strikers', and 'Arcana Magi: Deck Building Game' development. There will be no 'NEWS and NOTES', 'Wednesday Rants', releases, or public announcements. This whole year is going to be hectic with trying to get 'Splatterbomb' published and developing the 'Savage Strikers' and 'Arcana Magi', I'll need as much focus as possible.

I will return on July 11 with 'NEWS and NOTES' since Independence Day falls on the first Monday of the Month. I will post a Twitter announcement if there is any Playtest Events in the first week of July from the 4th to the 9th.

So please enjoy the last two chapters of 'Arcana Magi Zero'. I hope they will get you all hyped for Season 7 this October. Thank you all for your patience with what happened in 'Memorial' and sticking with me through 'Zero'.

Until Next July...

See ya.

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