Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Rants: February 2017 Edition

Greetings Fellow Readers! Sorry for the late rants tonight, I am so wrapped up with this weekend among other things. So let's begin.

[Business Weekend]

So this weekend I am off on business and have spent the past 3 days working on Splatterbomb's art portfolio, hence the late Rants. The game is pretty much done and will be on the submission block soon, starting this weekend.

I do have another game on the submission block as well so this year I am looking to publish two games.

There is an NYC-Playtest meetup this Saturday, I highly visiting the group and playtest their protoypes.

[Arcana Magi Universe]

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.7-c.3 is still on for next Friday as scheduled.

Arcana Magi Crossworlds Deck Building Game is now re-titled Arcana Magi Gaiden. Gaiden in Japanese means Tale or Side Story depending on context, in this case, it is a side story tot he series. The purpose is so that the deck building game doesn't get pigeon-hold by the stories I have written. This normally happens to games based on licensed works like Harry Potter or Star Wars where they get restricted to what was already done in movies or books that were released and the publisher is not allowed to create new characters or settings for the games. With Arcana Magi Gaiden it opens up the game to original characters and location in addition to current characters found in my stories. The playtesting is on a good start and it looks like it will get better.

[The Impossible Man]

I am now at Chapter 6 with the cleanup. Everything is pacing along nicely. Stay tuned for the updates release on Amazon Kindle.

I wanted a lot more to say, but with everything going on between life issues and business, I completely forgot what I was going to address. Thank you all for listening to my rants.

Until Next Time...

See ya.

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