Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday Rants: April 2017 Edition

Greetings Fellow Readers! This month I am only going to talk about 'Arcana Magi'. There are something I would like to address and give understanding for those who are new to the series. Let's begin.

[The State of Arcana Magi]

  In October 9, 2009 I released a short story on Fictionaut called 'Alysia's Saga: The Awaken'. It was just a one off short to dip my feet as a new member of Fictionaut. I came into Fictionaut with the intent of training myself on how to write. Along the way I decided to write two more sequel shorts stories, 'Megumi's Fable: The Advance' and 'It's so Wonderful, It's so Beautiful', and that was the end. Somewhere along the way, my mind decided to write a new fantasy series titled 'Arcana Magi' and I ended up grandfathering in the aforementioned short stories titling them 'Arcana Magi Zero'. Before I knew it, 5 years went by and I was celebrating a 5th anniversary of a series I never had intentions of creating.

  This is the point I am trying to make. 'Arcana Magi' just kind of happened. And the entire purpose of the series evolved to do two things. 1) Teach myself writing and experiment with different ways of writing and grammar. That's why when you read older stories, you notice things like this "___' instead of this "____". Everything that you have been reading is just one big experimental writing, to help me understand writing and nuances. And 2) keep my interest in writing in general. As time went on - even though I have written other works - real life issues and my creative goals were taking a step in the forefront and writing other types of stories were taking a backseat. I feared that if I stopped writing all together, I would lose interest in writing in absolute. So 'Arcana Magi' became my seat to keep my interest in writing.

  Never in my life did I anticipate this story to have gone on this long - 7 years - and I came to the conclusion that I might as well just ride the wave. Hence the comic book adaptation and tabletop game design waiting in the wings. Every year I take the summer break from 'Arcana Magi' and I come back in October with the same consistent number of views. So clearly, I am doing something right with this story, despite the grammatical and spelling horrors.

   See, because of the 2 points I made above, I never concerned myself, even today, about grammar and spelling because I still see posting 'Arcana Magi' on Fictionaut as a training tool and interest holder. It was never meant to be anything big, and I still see this story as these two points. Now does that I mean I shouldn't take care of my stories and not fix them? No, I should take care of them, it's a matter of when. I tried to do so last year, but real life and game development ate into the time I wanted to fix 'Arcana Magi' up. Truth of the matter is, if I don't position my life in a way that I can clean up 7 years worth of story without killing myself, I'll never straighten the series out.

  So yes, I am aware of grammar and spelling, and I want to fix it all up, but I need to free myself in the real world, with the real world responsibilities around me settled in a manner that I can position my life's goals in a way that this is... ALL OF THIS... is my secured 9 to 5 job. Then I can finally, with little stress, fix 'Arcana Magi' for everyone's enjoyment and entertainment.
  I want to thank all of you, for tolerating the state of 'Arcana Magi's' writing and toughing it out all these years. I greatly appreciate all of your patience, and loyalty.

Until next time...

See ya.

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