Thursday, October 14, 2010

Important NEWS October 14, 2010: Fictionaut Down (UPDATE)

Greetings fellow Readers,

As some of you probably have noticed when clicking on any of the links to Fictionaut you receive an error that reads:

[Sorry, our server choked on your last request.
This is most likely our fault, not yours. Please try again in few minutes. If the problem persists, leave a note below and we'll review the issue.]

I don't know if it is from my end or from Fictionaut's end, but I have sent an inquiry to find out what was gpong on. Hopefully I'll get answers soon.

Thank you for your time and patience.

See ya.


I was able to get into Fictionaut and the site is expanding, so there will be slowdown.

Sorry you'll have to copy and paste the link for more information:

Thank you for your patience and enjoy my stories.

Until next time,
See ya

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