Monday, April 30, 2012

NEWS and NOTES April 30, 2012

Greetings Fellow Readers.

Welcome to another edition of 'NEWS and NOTES'.


- Coming Friday May 25th** on Kindle***: "Duality of Science - A Short Story Double Feature"

Two Short Stories, Two fantastic futures. Each with a different outlook:

'Reality World' - Things are not at all what they appear. An enlightenment of things to come. A world within our fingertips.

'Flight 178' - Come aboard the greatest flight mankind will ever experience. Breath taking with every visual.

- Coming Friday June 29th** on Fictionaut: A new "Beyond Logic" Short Story

What odd and surrealistic tale awaits you? Stay tuned to find out.

- Coming this Summer on Kindle: "Duality of Fantasy - A Short Story Double Feature"

- Coming this Summer on Kindle: "Rise of Svjaijovs" Novella

- Coming this Fall on Fictionaut: "Arcana Magi Universe" 2012 Season.

**All DATES are subject to changes if a schedule conflict arises.

*** All Kindle Dates are subjected to a 24 hour waiting period before Kindle Direct Publishing releases it in

- Every Wednesday on Facebook at 8:00 PM ET: The Weekly Rants

Get behind the scenes and commentary to all writings and projects by H-M Brown.


- No NOTES Today.

That's all for NEWS and NOTES today.

Until next time,
See ya.

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