Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekly Rants: November 7, 2012

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of random rants.

This has been one hell of a week between the hurricane and tonight's nor'easter. There is a lot of snow outside. So far there are no blackouts so everything is good to go.

- 'Arcana Magi Memorial'

So this brings me the good news, Chapter 5 will be up an running this Friday on Fictionaut as planned. I apologize for the one week delay, I know many of you have been waiting to finish this story and moving on to 'Pure'. I know I am.

I have been thinking for awhile about whether next year, like around February, if I should go full time with 'Memorial'. I really do like this story out of all the 'Arcana Magi' stories and I feel the potential in the premise as well as the episodic method. But at the same time, I'm wondering is enough is enough with the whole girl with magic powers theme. I do want to write about other characters of other ages not just teenagers. Not that this is a bad thing, but I do need increase my range in writing and not be a one trick pony. You've seen my other works. The other reason of thinking of going full time is because the yearly thing is really dragging out the series, and I know I lost a good chunk of audience from last year, because the momentum stopped. At least concentrate on 'Memorial' and lead up to October's 'Arcana Magi 2013' season. I don't know, but I do like 'Memorial' and I want to continue it full time while working on Kindle. It's a very rough balancing act for sure, but I'll figure it out, and balance the schedule out.

- 'Writer's Thoughts'

I will be doing the next edition, next week with the Facebook Archives I wrote over the summer. Some of the things that I covered were, First-person Writing, Show Don't Tell, and more. Probably one more. Nevertheless, I will post them in increments as planned starting next Wednesday when everything is nice and stable here in the real world.

So that is all I got on my mind this week. Tune in this Friday for Chapter 5 of 'Arcana Magi Memorial' and enjoy the conclusion.

Until Next Time...

See ya.

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