Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekly Rants: January 30, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of Weekly Ranting. This is just a brief Rant, I want to share my thoughts on Twitter.

As announced on 'NEWS and NOTES' I will be setting up a Twitter account. However, this will be my first account so like Facebook, I will be going in with zero experience. Truth is, in my honest opinion, I think Twitter is stupid, yet good. It is contradictory to say the least but hear me out. You see Twitter has genuine pros and cons. While the pros have shown the merit of Twitter, the cons tend to overshadow those pros and become a big turn off.

Some cons include:

- News media using Twitter as a cited news source from random people with no journalistic experience, or posting childish statements from members of their news team or political pundits.

- If a celebrity writes something off the cuff or a joke, their statements can get skewed regardless of whether the offended outrage is justified or an overreaction, thus destroying their careers.

- Brings out the bad in people. Some of things that can said on Twitter is really cruel.

So what about the pros:

- It helps expand good communication between people.

- It helps people notify someone immediately if they are safe in the even of a tragedy or natural disaster.

- It even brought to light any horrors that occur around the world that the news media doesn't cover. Like war and crime.

Basically Twitter is a tool for better or worse and has both helped or hurt humanity. The pro part, one where many writers and companies have provided quick info to their fans and consumers without the need of press releases, is what I will tap into. All I will be using Twitter for is to post up only links. Will I respond to you guys, I don't know. Whatever I say could be beholden to me and one wrong statement could ruin my writing future. Do I have opinions? Yes, but I have to pick the right moment to share such opinions.

What I want to achieve on Twitter is not so much for me to talk to all of you directly, but to give you all a platform to talk about my works or thoughts to each other. You see, I believe that writing is a form of communication, and that it invokes communication between readers. I am not interested in seeing my readers say "I love your work." or " You're an awesome writer." What I want to see is, "Do you think there will be giant robots in the future like in The First Run Bob132?" followed by "Yes I would like to pilot giant robots Joe564."

Seeing you guys talk to each other about my stories, what you say to each other what you think of my stories, and even speculating about the future or fantasy worlds I create. Talking to each other and having fun doing so, is my goal as a writer.

We that's all I have to rant about this week. I look forward to seeing many of you on Twitter.

Until Next Time...
See ya.

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