Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekly Rants: May 8, 2013

Greetings fellow readers! Welcome back to another round of random ranting. I had a very rough April break and hopefully the rest of spring will be kind to me.


The last you all saw me, I got it with a horrific crisis. My computer crashed at the tail end of March just before going into the last week before April break. Well the good news is that I got my computer fixed 2 weeks ago, but it required a whole new hard drive. Thankfully I had most of my stuff backed up, the crucial stuff anyways. So here I am finishing up any last adjustments to the new stuff, which feels weird after so many years, and I'll be ready to go.

[About NEWS and NOTES]

As you may have read in this weeks 'NEWS and NOTES', I was checking out the 'Event' option on Facebook, and I have come to the conclusion that that will be where I will post up all dates for all things I will release. 'NEWS and NOTES' this Monday will be the last the one until the first Monday of June, and the first Monday of every month from here on out. This will make things easier and more convenient and minimize on redundancy. The 'Event Planner' on Facebook will have the Time, Date. and Where these plans will be held. So check in next week on 'NEWS and NOTES' for the first round of dates.

[Prototype Presentations]

Now that my Computer is fixed, I can resume my plan on doing 'Prototype Presentations' on YouTube. These videos will join the rotation on the Event Planner on Facebook, so keep an eye out on the game to be featured.


There will be writings of course, but very few in between on Fictionaut until 'Arcana Magi' Season this Fall. This stories will not be 'Arcana Magi' related as per usual. So stay tuned on it's dates.


Yes, life. That thing we all experience outside this internet. I have a lot of important priorities that will keep from releasing things at weekly frequency, especially now with You Tube videos. Those videos are not easy to make especially with outside noise that I cannot control. For now the schedule will be light, but once the real world settles down around me and achieve a routine comfort level, I'll increase the frequency. Hence the Even Planner on Fictionaut. It is not getting any easier out here, and I do need to make money if I want to eat and stay warm. So be ready for any decisions I make that might seem extreme in the coming months.

Well that is all I got to rant about for now. Thank you for listening to my rants and I lok forward to seeing you all next week.

Until Next Time...
See ya.

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