Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Rants: November 13, 2012

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome back for another round of Wednesday ranting. Honestly, I really did not prepare a rant this week. So much has been going on around me since New York Comic-Con that I really don't have anything in mind to talk about.

Well, I guess I can talk about last night. Well I demonstrated my board game Artemis Neo: Battle of Kendel's Den. It is set after the events of 'Artemis Neo' that I released on Fictionaut and later on Kindle in 'Duality of Science'. It is straight up space combat, just eliminate the opponent's fleet first to win. Well the good news is that the game works, but with flaws. Mainly due to the die roll's probability. Artemis Neo did meet great praises. The people who played it had fun and offered their feedback and what they thought would make the game better. It was very eventful and I walked away from it surprised that the game turned out great.

So I spent most of today improving the game. I wouldn't say it's a overhaul, I only eliminated just one rule and adjusted the other. The rest are additions that expanded the game. Once I get a chance at playtesting it again next month, hopefully, I can then take it to the next level and seek a publisher.

Overall I am excited that I got this to work and people enjoyed. I am very happy that I got a good game made. The same can be said for Eivo, nothing in that game got eliminated and it was mostly adjusting and addition. So I pretty have 2 working board games that just need one more playthrough before taking out to the market submissions.

I hope you all are enjoying 'Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.4'. I feel I am getting the hang of writing 5 page chapters, but honestly I feel I could do more. Either way this week's chapter will be exciting, and then I'll be winding down in chapter 5. 'Arcana Magi Pure Vol. 4' will happen around January/February to round out 'Arcana Magi Season 4'.

I intend to take a total break in December so I can work on an novel of mine I had been working on since 2001. I really have put off third drafting this story, which really needs it, but it is a good thing because if I submitted as it is, I would not picked up. I've already outlined what need to be fixed, added, covered, and so on. So hopefully I'll have it ready sometime around next year and a Publishing house.

So this is what I have in mind for this week. I'll see you all on the 27th for another round of ranting. Have good night.

Until next time...

See ya.

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