Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Rants: November 27, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of random ranting. Did you all enjoyed 'Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.4'? The setup is complete and next will be an awesome adventure. Today though, I will be addressing upcoming plans so let us begin.


I will be taking a 2 month winter break. I will be in total silence, which there are no Wednesday Rants, no new Fictionaut stories, nothing. I will be spending the next 2 months 3rd drafting this novel of mine that i want to put in a publishing houses' hands. Plus the holidays are here and I have a lot of priorities to focus on. So I will not be able to keep up with any online activities.]

[Arcana Magi Pure Vol.4

I will return in February and will definitely start it off February 7, 2014 Friday, with the first chapter. This will close out an abbreviated Season 4 for Arcana Magi Universe. I look forward to seeing you all then of course.]

[3rd draft Novel

Okay, so the title of this novel is Dreamwalker Kumiko. It is one my first early written novels going 13 years. It is a very big story, Urban Fantasy, and plenty of awesomeness. It is also my most difficult to write due to the ending. I am still finding that right one. Basically, this draft is going to be completely re-written to meet my current standards of writing. I also have lot of issues to address, like fridge logic, plot holes, and missed opportunities. I don't how much of this I will get in 2 months time because of Life, but I definitely need all the energy and concentration to do this. I really am looking foward to getting this published in-house and onto store shelves, and once that happens, I hope you will all get your copy and enjoy reading in bed at night.]

[Board Games

Everything is pacing along great on this front. Playtesting at IGDA Game Demo night net positive results and required minimal removal of game mechanics. I will be nitpicking during the next 2 months when I have time outside of Dreamwalker Kumiko, and hopefully I will get picked up by a game publisher. I do want to due another Prototype Presentation, but that will probably be after Arcana Magi Season 4 is finished, and if I did not get picked up by publisher then. But that is on tap for 2014.]

So those are my upcoming plans. I thank you all for wonderful 2013. I really appreciated your viewing all my works on Fictionaut, Youtube, and Kindle. I look forward to seeing you all again in 2014.

Have wonderful and safe happy holidays.

Until 2014...

See ya.

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