Friday, May 30, 2014

Quick Notes: May 30, 2014

Greetings Fellow Readers! It's the end of the last Friday of the Month and its time for a new post.

-Now Playing on Studio Coqui Channel on Youtube: 'Audio Readings - The First Run'

Join H-M Brown as he narrates to you, 'The First Run' from the pages of 'Duality of Science a Short Story Double Feature'.

Click on the side link.

- Monday June 2, 2014 on Blogspot: 'NEW and NOTES'

Join H-M Brown as he updates on upcoming releases on Kindle, Youtube, and Fictionaut.


I have not registered for the Youtube ads yet because I need time to read up on the EULA, and hopefully when I do set it up, I'll be allowed to choose Banners. You know like the ones that pop up and you click 'x' to shrink it down. I don't want to use the Video ads that occur at the beginning of videos. So just be ready for the ads.

Thanks for joining me today. Enjoy the 'Audio Reading'.

Until Next Time...

See ya.

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