Friday, April 15, 2011

NEWS and NOTES: April 15, 2011

Greetings Fellow Readers.

Welcome to another edition of NEWS and NOTES.


- My Facebook account is up and running. I am under the name H-m Brown (Yes Facebook reduced my name in lowercase). However, I am struggling to find my name on the Facebook list so I can get the direct link to my Facebook page on both Fictionaut and Blogspot. So feel free to request to be added to my Friends list if you want in.

- The new Untitled Short Story Science Fiction Anthology Series will be posted on Fictionaut this Summer.

- The Novelettes 'Arcana Magi Memorial Vol. 2', 'Arcana Magi Cross' and 'Arcana Magi Pure', are coming this Fall on Fictionaut.

- The new 'Arcana Magi' Short Story that will be posted on Fictionaut in January of 2012 will be titled - 'Arcana Magi Divine'.


It's kind of getting repetitive and redundant on the status of the Short Story Submissions and drafts I have been engaged in this Spring, so there won't be any updates on them, for the time being.

That's all for NEWS and NOTES today.

Until next time,
See ya.


  1. Correction Notes: The Facebook Page Upper cased the M in my name. So it's now H-M brown as it should be.

  2. Apparently there are two Variations of Facebook listing, one under People titled H-m Brown and one under 'Pages Book' titles H-M Brown. The one under 'Books' is supposed to be my Facebook page not under People. I have no idea what just happened there.

  3. Due to the confusion of having two Facebook pages titled H-M Brown, I retitled the one that Blogspot and Fictionaut are to 'The Written Works of H-M Brown'. I hope this removes any trouble you may have. Again sorry for the mix up.