Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Rants: August 14, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of random ranting. Today I'll be addressing a couple of things that have occurred over the past week. This will be a short session, so let's begin.

[Fictionaut Private Mode]

As you all may have read in the my Facebook Event Planner, I am going to set The Impossible Man, Beyond Logic A Matter of Time and The First Run in Private Mode this Friday. The set to Private Mode will be at 8:00 PM EST.

Now as I have discussed last month, real life is not playing favorites for me and I have to earn and income. I was going to have to make some hard decisions with my works, especially on Fictionaut and this is one of them. Now Private Mode basically means you have to be a Fictionaut Member in order to read a story by a Fictionaut writer. So if you are not part of Fictionaut, you won't get to read these three stories.

Now to be fair, The Impossible Man on Fictionaut remains untouched and is in its 2010 release version. Which means that the scenes that I added into the Kindle version as well as any editing I did are not present. In essence the Fictionaut version is the inferior and the Kindle version is the superior. I decided to set to private mode for three reasons. 1) Posterity, a great opportunity for people to see the evolution of book writing. 2) Not to mislead people in thinking the Fictionaut version is the same exact Kindle version. 3) Publicity. I do not want to confuse the media that I am trying to connect with or get caught in an unnecessary controversy. setting to Private Mode feels the lesser of two controversies.

Please try to understand, if I had a more favorable luck on my side, I would totally keep everything status quo, but life does not play favorites and I have to make something of myself and my works. I thank you all for you understanding and support.

[Thought on Writing]

I have a few topics in mind, I might make it a 2-parter or something, but next Rants I totally am going to a new subject on Thought on Writing. So make sure to join me then.

[New York Comic-Con 2013]

Yes I am heading back to the con in the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. This time with a Pro Badge. Thanks to the release of The Impossible Man, I qualified for 4-Day Professional Badge. However, I still haven't finalized my schedule since the Con also falls on Thursday and Friday and the future is uncertain. What do I have planned? I do not know yet, because I still haven't found out what a Pro-Badge will do for other than going to Professional Areas. But NYCC is in October and this is August, so there are plenty of time to get things together. So stay tuned on future developments.

Well that's all I have on my mind. I thank you for listening to my rant and I will see you next session.

Until next time...

See ya.

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