Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Rants: August 28, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of random ranting. Today, I'll holding another 'Thoughts on Writing' session. The next three sessions, I will talking about the three things you may have seen on Fictionaut Profile Page; My Mantra, The Way of The Writer, and The Strength of a Writer. These may be very brief and short. Again, these are only my thoughts and not an absolute or a governing rule. My thoughts are subject to change as time rolls on and new things occur around me in my everyday life. So let us begin.

[Thoughts on Writing: My Mantra

This was the first thing I wrote in my profile page on Fictionaut. It kind of just came to me based on my experiences in learning how to right. I try my best to live up to my mantra, but I still feel I have along way to go to become a strong skilled writer.

-I write for everyone to read and enjoy.

While although many readers have particular tastes, that doesn't automatically mean I should exlude them from reading my story. The objective is to make sure my writings, no matter how quirky, or niche, I want these stories to be read by everyone. It is very important to me to make sure that my stories are accesible to everyone. Even if in the end they don't understand the stories, what's important is that did read it.

Most importantly, I have to make sure it is enjoyable. Reading is suppose to be fun, intriguing, and griping at times, but if readers do not come out of the story entertained and felt a level of enjoyment, then I know my writing is terrible. It is very important to bring our the joy in writing.

-I write to train hard to be a good author.

I am not a good writer, even if critics and fans say the contrary. I am always, ALWAYS, training, practicing, learning to be a good writer. Part of that is never stop writing, and I never will. If the accolades or the fortune and glory happens, then so be it. It still does not change the fact that I need to keep training harder to be a good writer. To never quit and have fun writing a wonderful creation.

- I write so I can learn the Art of Foreshadow.

How love how Foreshadowing works. All the intrigue and level captivation that can bring readers into the story. It is a double-edge sword, but it brings about a great challenge in writing. This is something I want to accomplish as a writer. The art behind this technique brings out its intricacies and flesh it out in a way that makes the story so complete and exciting. It can make the narrative all the more rewarding when the imagination springs forth in the readers mind as story goes in another unexpected direction. Using this technique to draw in my readers and put smiles on their faces when the reveal happens. This is part of my training as an author and I know I will succeed in using this.]

So those are my Thought on Writing, very brief and to the point. Part 2 will be about The Way of the Writer. I thank you all for listening to my rants. Quick Notes will be this Friday.

Until Next Time...

See ya

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