Friday, January 9, 2015

Quick NOTES: Jan #1

Greetings Fellow Readers!

I have a schedule change announcement to make.

Due to the upcoming NYC Playtest hosted by The Sheep's Meow on January 16;

'Arcana Magi Zero Chapter 4' on Fictionaut will be released on Friday Jan. 23rd. Although an official announcement has not been posted on the NYC Arcade Facebook page, my appearance there will force me to concentrate on preparing 'Splatterbomb™' for the event. Since the event is happening before the 'Wednesday Rants', I will provide further details about NYC Arcade on Quick NOTES here and on Twitter.

I apologize for the inconvenience and I Thank You for your support.

Also Tommorow at Noon at Whole Foods Tribeca is 4P Playtest hosted by Gil Hova of NYC-Playtest. Splatterbomb will be available for testing.

Until next time...

See ya.

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