Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arcana Magi NEWS and NOTES - April 13th, 2010

Hello everyone. I hope you're enjoying the latest chapters of Arcana Magi Main Series.

Chapter 13 will be up next week of course.

After reading through Arcana Magi Zero, I found that re-writing was not necessary and could damage the storytelling. I actually have no other things to put into the Trilogy. The best I did was remove any and all passive voices. The first Revisions will be posted up soon.

I want to write another Behind the Scenes for Arcana Magi as soon as I introduce all of the Sentinels. Don't worry I should be able to get them all in place before Chapter 20.

On an unrelated NEWS, I will be posting my unpublished novel, The Impossible Man, on Fictionaut soon. It will be in its own Group Section. Basically I had written the twenty chapter novel eight years ago and failed to get any publishers to bite. So I decided that I will post it here on Fictionaut in its own Group Section. I'm looking at maybe posting it up every Wednesdays or Thursdays. Hopefully after my Arcana Magi Chapters fall off the front page, so I won't be subjected to the 'One Post Per Front Page' rule and miss the deadline.

On a side NOTE: Soon, I will be shutting down my Arcana Magi Universe MySpace account. Honestly I have no idea how to work that site and I feel like I am waisting my time. All my NEWS, NOTES, and INFO are posted in my Blogspot Site anyway, so MySpace is really not needed.

In conclusion everything is going as planned so far. Keep on reading and spread the word if you feel your friends would love my stories.

Thank you for your Support.

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