Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekly Rants: March 20, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another round of random ranting.

My hiatus is coming up and writing will be coming to a stand still. The question is why? Well, if you've read on my Twitter profile, it says that I am a card/board game inventor. And that is true. I have been inventing card and board games since 2004. The only reason I haven't said much about to this point was because no one would believe me. Think about, what is the first question you would say if I said I made a board game...

"Let me see it."

But the problem lies in Copyrights. Games have been the center of issues involving IPs and piracy. I had to make there was a good tight security and confidence before I can genuinely showcase my games here on the internet. Remember I am posting fiction stories here, and those can be easily stolen at any time.

So what is the hiatus about, well, this morning I posted up a video called Prototype Presentations on YoutTube. My YouTube Channel is called StudioCoqui. No I am not a company, yet, but Google would not allow me to us H-MBrown as the Channel name, so I chose Studio Coqui to sound professional. It will be there that I will post videos of my invented Board and Card Games. Today's Presentation is Eivo, a Board Game designed to be developer friendly into a Video Game. This is the key part here, I am trying not only to get a board game published by a Board Game Company, but I am also looking to get my games made into a Video Game.

The difficulty of making these videos are very high, which is I chose to go to hiatus, so I can focus on making these videos. Juggling writing and video making... and game making, is very taxing on the mind and body. Making my first Prototype Presentation really hard, but I got it down and you can all see what I have been inventing.

There is no scheduling involved, so the videos will be posted unexpectedly. Hence why no 'NEWS and NOTES' during the hiatus. Same goes for the 'Weekly Rants' in April.

Next week's final 'Weekly Rants' before the hiatus, if my computer doesn't break down and sent to the garbage, I will talk a little about myself on how I came to invent games.

Thank you all for listening to my rants.

Until next time...
See ya.

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