Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weekly Rants: March 27, 2013

Greetings Fellow Readers! Welcome to another rund of randon rating. This will be the last Weekly Rant and I'll be off the entire month of April for a special hiatus. Let me explain.

Since my teen years, I've been writing and drawing game concepts. In 1996, I attended Digipen Applied Computer Graphics in Vancouver, BC, Canada studying video game design/programming sponsored by Nintendo. Unfortunately, the costs studying abroad was too high and in February 1997 I left Digipen. During this period I continued writing game concepts and eventually I turned to fiction writing.

During my time back from Digipen, I had been playing trading card games like Magic, Pokemon, Battletech, and Legend of the Five Rings. It was in 2004, that I had an idea for a trading card game. I began extensive research on as many trading card games as I could. It was there I developed and built my first working prototype, Quantum Wave.

Further playtesting left me unsatisfied and continued working with it, taking out the parts that didn't work and strengthening parts that did. Some of the leftover game mechanics were used for 2 completely new trading card games. At this point, I renamed Quantum Wave, Cyber Tactics (tm), and now it is part of the De x Maquina universe officially.

Afterwards I invented a card and dice game. It features 60 independent mini-dice games in neat little cards. Then I switched over to inventing board games 2009, one of which is Eivo featured in my Studio Coqui YouTube Channel.

Studio Coqui was not really something I wanted to reveal yet and I wanted to keep H-M Brown as my channel name, but YouTube wouod not recognize the '-' in my name. So I decided to settle with Studio Coqui to maintain some sense of professionalism.

You see one of my goals with these games that I am inventing, is to have them made into video games, my life's true goal. At the time I attended Digipen, it was the only school in North America that genuinely had classes focused on video game design and programming. Today there are a lot of schools that offer such classes, but I feel I fell too far behind everything both financially and agewise (I am genuinely out of touch with today's computer culture) to return.

However, I have continued to look into programming and researching game engines such as Unity. Particularly now that Nintendo has eased their policies regarding publishing games on their 3DS and WiiU systems. In the meantime, I created a LinkedIn account and am following video game companies. I signed up with the International Game Developers Association. And now I am creating vido presentations of my working game prototypes to that these exist and built.

So during this hiatus I will be working on another presentation to post on YouTube. I haven't decided yet which game, nor will I make any 'NEWS and NOTES' about it so I can take my time making it.

So that is basically my situation. This is where I truly come from. I am more of a game inventor than writer. However being a writer is great because a lot of games tell stories. The years that I have practiced and published short stories and novels have really helped hone storytelling skills for many games.

Well that's all I have on my mind. Thank you all for listening to my looong rants. The links to my YouTube page is at the top. Prototype Presentations-Eivo is up and running. I will see you all in May. Enjoy your April Spring.

Until Next Time...
See Ya...

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